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We teach basic Arabic reading as an introduction to learning Quran and the Arabic language through Al Nourania Qaeda where teachers show the students how to recognize and pronounce the Arabic alphabet with tashkeel (diacritics)

Learn Quran Courses in Nour Academy

There are two courses that are taught in the Quran track:


Practical Recitation/Memorization:  presented in live, one on one, self paced sessions where an instructor teaches a student how to correctly read verses of Quran and guides him/her through reading and recitation practice. This course does not cover the theoretical principles underlying how the Quran is read.


Theoretical Tajweed: where student are taught the fundamentals of tajweed in theory in the English language. The course covers the basics a Muslim would need to understand how the Quran should be read.

Learn Fasting, Zakat, Hajj & Umrah, Funerals, Menstruation in Nour Academy.
Islamic Practices

Muslims are expected to follow the path determined by Allah, and practiced by our prophet Mohamed (PBUH). The Islamic Practices mini-courses presents applied Islam in a simple and interactive way, with the help of a teacher in a virtual classroom format. Our courses include:

  • Fasting
  • Zakat
  • Hajj & Umrah
  • Menstruation
  • Funerals

and much more coming

Learn Arabic Courses in Nour Academy
Arabic Language

Our Arabic courses will start with students at the very basic level of language conversation and understanding and lead them one step at a time until they are able to communicate freely and understand complex written texts in Fusha Arabic. Our Arabic courses will be designed to start with beginner level non Arabic speaking Muslims and enable them within the course of a few years to be able to utilize the Arabic language proficiently.


Our Arabic courses will be offered soon.


Learn Quran & Arabic Courses in Nour Academy
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