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Learn Al-Nourania Online

Identify the shapes and phonetics of the Arabic letters in your first step to learn Quran and Arabic.

Learn Quran Online
Quran Courses

The heart and soul of Nour Academy teaching you how to read and recite the Quran through both theory and practice.

Learn Islamic Practices
Learn Fasting, Funerals, Zakat, Hajj & Umrah, Menustration Online.
Islamic Practices

Covering the basic Islamic information every Muslim “needs to know” to worship Allah correctly

Learn Arabic Online
Learn Arabic Language Online
Arabic Language

Learn the language of Quran and Islam, and truly experience the beauty and profoundness of our religion.



Teaching Characteristics

Learn in Nour Academy through any device
Learn in Nour Academy in flexible schedules
Learn in Nour Academy by separate male and female teachers
Learn in Nour Academy via A Virtual Classroom
Nour Academy presents One On One Courses.

Any Device

Flexible Schedules

Male & Female Teachers

Virtual Classroom

One On One

Al-Nourania & Quran:

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