Curriculum Developer
Job Descripton

We are looking for fresh graduates who are willing to be trained to become curriculum developers. Ideal candidates should be very passionate about education in general and about the mission of our Academy in particular.


After a brief internship chosen candidates will be responsible for developing curricula for our existing and future courses. They will be required to create relevant learning content, activities, and tests following the directions of an instructional designer and subject matter expert (SME).


After training, the curriculum developer should be able to:

- Commit to Style Guides and 508 Rules.

- Consult with the SME on overall content

- Script/storyboard learning material

- Evaluate development to specified design and agreed quality

- Liaise with project partners for the purpose of the project

- Prepare practical sheets and tests with their model answers

- Convert information into practical deliverables

- Effectively and efficiently communicate and report information in written format, in both Arabic and English languages

Job Requirements

- Creative and quick Learner

- Excellent Research Skills

- Excellent Command of MS Office tools

- Proven ability to meet deadlines and work independently

- Living in Alexandria, Egypt

- All educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply

- A background with diverse experiences is a plus

If interested send your resume to:

Comic Illustrator
Job Descripton

We are looking for experienced and creative illustrators for development of a unique design of Islamic Comics. These comics should include stories of the prophets from and Islamic perspective, as well as stories of Mohammed's (PBUH) companions.


The candidates should submit first a draft preview sketch of their artwork. If chosen, they will be submitted a storyboard of the comic and the style requested.


This work could be done at home and would be a good opportunity for those dreaming of serving Islam; especially for those who have a vision for finding an appropriate link between basic Islamic concepts and young learners.

Job Requirements

- Creative with various drawing styles

- Good at accepting feedback

- Excellent Command of Illustrator and Photoshop

- Proven ability to meet deadlines and work independently

- All educational backgrounds are encouraged to apply

If interested send your resume and portfolio:

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