In all one-on-one sessions the teachers and the students are all the same gender. In group classes (for Arabic classes only) all the students will be of the same gender; however there may be a male teacher for a female only class but not vice versa.

The Quran division of Nour Academy is totally non-profit... Interested students were able to learn Quran online for free for a limited time period as the organization was in its initial stages of growth. Alhamdu lillah, though, now the organization has grown and the numbers of students have increased substantially. Therefore we have applied a small monthly fee in order to be able to sustain the service through recruiting teachers and payment of internet charges to handle the growing number of students. All the proceeds going into Quran education will either cover the basic costs for the sessions or be recycled in the form of scholarships, discounts for less wealthy Muslims, and other forms of promotion for Quran worldwide.

All our Quran Courses are one-on-one (Except for Basic Arabic Reading for Quraan which may include group sessions). For Arabic Courses both options will be available.

The main language used in the classroom is Arabic except in very limited situations. The courses are designed and the teachers are trained to be able to deal with all situations in Arabic and very limited usage of English. This does not apply to the “Theoretical Tajweed” course though which is provided in English

We are currently not providing this in the classroom but we are looking forward in the future to adding new courses that will probably include basic tafsir.

All new students are required to take a placement statement before starting a Quran or Arabic course. The test determines the level at which a student will commence education.

For Quraan:
- Basic Arabic Reading: We teach basic Arabic reading through the Nourani Qaaida where the teacher shows the student how to recognize and pronounce the Arabic Alphabet.
- Quraan Tilawa: The instructor directs the student to read a given part of the Quraan and corrects the student’s mistakes
- Quraan Memorization: the instructor teaches the student to read a number of Quraanic verses. The student is then left to memorize these verses and recite them during a following session.
- Both recitation and reading begin with the final Surahs of the Quraan end and at the beginning.

For Arabic:
We apply the natural method for learning languages at Nour Academy The methodology used in the classroom is to teach Arabic and Quraan through practice rather than through theory (as is the best practice for applied learning as language and Quraan). The only language allowed in the classroom is the Arabic Language and the instructor participates only 30% of the time to present the lesson material while the students are required to participate through practicing and performance. The main skills taught in the classroom are listening, speaking, and reading with a lesser focus on writing.

We currently provide trial sessions for Quran classes only if requested by the student.

We provide certificate (not Ijaza) if requested by the student at certain milestone, for the Quran recitation course.


The teachers are all Native Speaking Egyptians that are trained on the Nour Academy Methodology for instruction.

Our students will be given some links to useful books and audios. Besides, children will get student workbooks and worksheets developed for Tajweed lessons and will have access to online games and audios which are related to our lessons.

Assuming that you have no previous knowledge of Arabic or Quraan, the time it would take to memorize the whole Quraan would be between 3-5 years depending on the level of commitment and dedication given to your studies. Students who have previous knowledge of Arabic or have memorized some Quraan will probably be able to complete memorization of the Quraan earlier than that.

It is Nour Academy's mission to target non Arabic speaking Muslims worldwide; this is why we try to keep as flexible a time schedule as possible to accommodate for the time zone differences between countries.

Nour academy is a non-profit organization, the charged enrollment fees for our courses cover the cost of providing the course like establishing the curriculum, finding and training qualified teachers to teach it, and paying employee salaries. There is a difference in opinion among scholars as to the validity of accepting compensation for teaching Quraan; however we believe that in our times where there is a great need among Muslims to learn how to read the Quraan and not sufficient supply for Quraan teachers who are able to volunteer for free to meet this demand, that the opinion which allows for compensation is more practical and in line with the goals of Islam.

Since it is important to know Arabic letters and pronunciation before starting a practical Quran course, you can take our Al Nourania Qaeda course which covers these pre-requisites in detail, and puts you on solid ground to start learning how to read Quran.

Each student will attend around 30 minutes session. The number of sessions should depend on his request. The Quran instructor will cover past material and homework and present new material.

In our experience, we found that 1 to 1 online Quran teaching is effective and engaging.

- A personal computer
- A Skype account
- An internet connection
- A headset with microphone and speakers
- A webcam (optional)

For Arabic: All group sessions in Arabic will be recorded and uploaded to your user account so that you may be able to access them any time for reference or watch them for the first time if you were unable to attend a specific session.

For Quraan: Since all Quraan sessions are one-on-one there is no option for recording a missed session. That lesson will either be rescheduled or covered in the subsequent class. Please review our student policy for details