Hajj & Umrah



Learning Objectives

Mohammed (PBUH) said, “And Hajj to the House is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, for whomever is able to bear the journey.” [At- Tirmidhi]. Hajj is an Islamic practice that you should perform at least once in your lifetime. Hajj is not expected to be fulfilled by all of us. That being said, a lot of us who can bear the journey for Hajj might be afraid to undertake it as they think it is complicated. Your language, background and ethnicity are not a barrier to you performing Hajj, your lack of knowledge is. You just need to take a small step towards opening the door to complete the fifth pillar of Islam and having all your sins forgiven. This course covers the essential practical knowledge you would need to perform Hajj and Umrah.


Age: starting 8 years old

Max no. of attendees: 8

Hajj & Umrah Total Duration: 5 hours

Umrah Total Duration: 3 hours

Session Type: Standard Virtual Classroom

Hajj & Umrah No. of sessions: 4

Umrah No. of sessions: 3



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