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At Nour Academy we spent a great deal of time and effort into designing a learning course for the Arabic Language. A language of such eloquence, richness, and history deserves to have its specially crafted interactive online content.

Nour Academy’s Arabic Language Course is specifically designed to be easily taught without a medium language. That means we only use the Arabic language in the classroom. This will enable you to easily learn Arabic and practice it in our online classroom even if your native language is Japanese, Russian, English … etc.

Our Arabic Language Course is currently emerging to existence. You could be among the first to learn Arabic from scratch with Nour Academy. We are offering a FREE SESSION for all applicants (No Payment Required). If interested click the “Apply” button and we will contact you very soon so you can start learning the Arabic language.


Session duration: 45 - 60 mins

(2 levels = Approx. 40-45 sessions)


Payment method: Paypal

Learn in Nour Academy in English

Age: starting 8 years old


Fee: 120$ / 8 Arabic sessions 

Classroom Language: Arabic


Session type: Self Paced - Virtual Classroom (one on one open course)

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