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Learning Objectives

Arabic letters are unique in their shape and form. Moreover, pronouncing them could be more tricky than other letters. For non Arab speakers, Arabic phoneemes are difficult to master. Not only does the each Arabic letter could be pronounced in three different ways, but it could change also in its written form, depending on its position inside the word.

In our course we provide our learner with tools to easily tackle all these problems. It is a course, created from scratch committed to provide the learners with the highest standards when going through our learning experience.


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Age: starting 8 years old


Payment method: Paypal


Kids: 120$ / 16 sessions

Adults: 120$ / 8 sessions

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Course Duration

1 session (Kids) = 30 mins

1 session (Adults) = 60 mins 


Classroom Language: Arabic


Session type: Self Paced - Virtual Classroom (one on one open course)

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