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E -Learning

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Blended Learning

Online learning Arabic

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E-Learning courses are self learning courses where the student will be able to tackle course content and realize each course’s learning objectives by himself and at his own pace and schedule. This is facilitated via well structured, engaging, and interactive courses developed by our curriculum development team by applying the most current trends in online education.

Learning Arabic One on One

One on One steps to get your way for Islamic , Arabic and Quranic studies.

We provide a one on one offering for teaching practical Quran (and Arabic in the future) which has the advantages of being

  • Self paced: meaning that each student will progress through the learning material at his or her own speed
  • Personalized: where the student has some control over what content he or she would like to focus on
  • Focused: since the attention of the teacher is full diverted towards the student

Blended Learning Arabic

Blended Learning

Our courses provided in virtual classroom format allow students to interact actively with engaging and animated slides. In addition to that, our teachers guide students through each learning point and ensure that learning objectives are mastered. We train our teachers to deal with Muslims of different cultures and take a practical approach towards education