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About Nour Academy ?

About Nour Academy?

Nour Academy is an educational organization that provides online courses that enhance learners’ knowledge about Islam. We believe that knowledge does not come without effort, commitment, and dedication; and that our role is to facilitate the learning process and provide guidance to those who wish to reap its fruits.

Our instructors are all native Arabs located in Egypt; the country of Al-Azhar University, and trained in providing online courses for non-Arabic speaking Muslims.


The Educational Approach of Nour Academy

At Nour Academy we provide different approaches and options with regards to our course offerings intended to maximize student participation and cater to different ages, cultures, and genders. The courses are designed with practicality in mind; and are riddled with practical exercises that help ensure student mastery of learning objectives through performance rather than theoretical knowledge.

We utilize the newest methodologies and software in our curriculum development approach, keeping our students engaged and enthusiastic throughout the learning process.

Self Paced Virtual Classroom


We provide a one on one offering for teaching practical Quran (and Arabic in the future) which has the advantages of being

  • Self paced: meaning that each student will progress through the learning material at his or her own speed
  • Personalized: where the student has some control over what content he or she would like to focus on
  • Focused: since the attention of the teacher is full diverted towards the student

Standard Virtual Classroom



Our courses provided in virtual classroom format allow students to interact actively with engaging and animated slides. In addition to that, our teachers guide students through each learning point and ensure that learning objectives are mastered. We train our teachers to deal with Muslims of different cultures and take a practical approach towards education


E-Learning (Coming Soon)

E-Learning courses are self learning courses where the student will be able to tackle course content and realize each course’s learning objectives by himself and at his own pace and schedule. This is facilitated via well structured, engaging, and interactive courses developed by our curriculum development team by applying the most current trends in online education.

Our vision

Our Vision is to make Nour Academy the most sought out Academy for Muslims in the world to learn the language of their religion, how to read Quran, and to obtain basic knowledge about practicing Islam.

Our mission

Our main mission is to spread Islamic knowledge and teachings to people who really want to invest the time and effort to learn; teach Quran to every pious Muslim who understands that it is his obligation to learn it; and promote the learning of the Arabic Language.


Although anyone can become a practicing Muslim regardless of their background, language, or culture, the truth still remains that without understanding the Arabic language there is a large limitation on how deeply one can understand Islam. This firm belief has encouraged us to help people who want to attain a deeper understanding of Islam by facilitating the education of the Arabic language and supporting Muslims on their path for knowledge and understanding

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