Course Description

This course is a theoretical approach to the rules of Tajweed, it's when the teacher explains ONLY the rules of how to recite Quran. By delving into the rules of Tajweed in a theoretical way our learners will be able recite and judge how each verse in Quran should be read.

  • Recognize the essentiality of applying Tajweed in reciting Qur’an.

  • Classify the characteristics of Arabic Alphabet

  • Identify the rules of the Lam Sakinah

  • Classify the different types of the letter Hamza

  • Apply the pronunciation of the letters

  • Apply the correct pronunciation of each letter

  • Identify the characteristics of Arabic letters

  • Clarify the relationships between letters

  • Apply the rules of the Meem Sakinah

  • Apply the rules of Noon Sakinah and the Tanween

  • Apply the rules of Mudood