Course Description

It is a simple method for learning how to read the Arabic letters and words of the Glorious Quran. It is organized in a reasonable order starting with single Arabic letters, combined letters, then the letters at the beginning of the Surahs of the Quran, then vowels, and so on.

  • To read the Arabic alphabet

  • To recognise Arabic letters with their separated forms

  • To recognise Arabic letters with their joint forms (Beginning, middle and ending forms)

  • To join letters in order to make words

  • To read, recognise and practice with exercises the short vowels' sounds (Fat-hah, Dhammah, Kasrah) with the required length

  • To read and practice the long vowels sounds in Arabic

  • To recognise and read Jazm, Shaddah, Sukoon and Tanween and practice

  • To recognise Madd categories and read for the appropriate duration