Learn Arabic words and phrases: Greetings part2

Learn Arabic words and phrases: Greetings Part 2

Asmaa Akl

26 Nov 2019

In part two of our series "Learn Arabic Words and Phrases: Greetings", we want to further explain about Arabic words and phrases that would help anyone learning Arabic to bid someone farewell, apologize and introduce himself to begin with. In order to learn Arabic you must practice these kinds of basic Arabic words and phrases as they are often used in various situations.

Introductions in Arabic

Learning a new language helps you communicate with a wider range of people. In order to communicate with and get to know people you must first introduce yourself. These are Arabic words and phrases that will help you introduce yourself: My name is Ahmed. اسمي أحمد. Pronounced as Esmi Ahmed, to which someone would reply Nice to meet you. تشرفت بلقائك pronounced as Tasharaft beleka’ek or Ahlan w Sahlan which was explained in our previous article “Learn Arabic words and phrases: Greetings I

Farewells in Arabic

Arabic words that you can use to say goodbye are إلى اللقاء pronounced as Ela al-leqa' which literally means “till we meet again” or مع السلامة pronounced as Maa al-salama which means “may you go with peace”. You can say these Arabic words and phrases when you or someone else is leaving or when someone is travelling.

Apologies in Arabic

If you want to learn Arabic words in order to apologize, you can say أنا أسف pronounced as Ana aasef which means “I am sorry”. In case you’ve done something extremely wrong to someone you can add the Arabic word جداً pronounced as Jiddan, which means “very”.

Arabic is a very contextual language to understand the deeper meaning behind commonly used Arabic words and phrases it really helps to learn Arabic from scratch from professional native teachers. At Nour Academy we offer extensive Arabic classes online that would help you to learn Arabic proficiently. Our online classes are user-friendly and our syllabus is uniquely developed for the sake of online learners seeking to learn Arabic. We use animations and videos guided by a professional instructor in order to make learning Arabic an easier experience. If you’re keen on learning more Arabic words and phrases, stay tuned for our next articles in the series. See you next time and إلى اللقاء.

Good Bye

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