Learning Quran for a beginner

Learning Quran for a Beginner P1

Asmaa Akl

03 Nov 2019

The holy Quran is the main religious reference that all Muslims should follow in order to be steered towards the right path and eventually paradise. It is mandatory for any Muslim to acquire as much as possible of the immense knowledge included in the Quran. There are usually two types of people who we consider to be absolute beginners in learning Quran: children and adults who are either converts or second/third generation Arab immigrants. Learning the Quran for a beginner – be it a child or an adult – entails several steps and points to be taught as well as understood:

Why is learning the Quran for a beginner essential?

Learning the Quran for a beginner is mandatory because it’s the base on which Muslims build their faith and is the main guide regarding all worldly matters. It contains the main doctrine of the Islamic faith and a code of conduct that handles a plethora of subjects: be it social values, judicial law, civil law, as well as health and creation. All these subjects serve a central theme within the Quran, which is the oneness of Allah (SWT).

For reading each letter of the Quran, a Muslim is granted ten rewards by Allah. Therefore, the Quran is a Muslim’s road and guide to paradise (Jannah). Teaching your children the Quran from a young age instills in them the values and doctrines of Islam. Additionally, a Muslim's faith is strengthened if the Quran becomes a constant companion in his daily life. Furthermore, with extra effort and the proper guidance, learning the Quran for a beginner -even if you are an adult- is definitely possible and not as difficult as it seems. Learn more about the form of the Quran in our next article.


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(An Adult Beginner Learning Quran)

How can Nour Academy be of help?

The first step in learning Quran for a beginner is to learn how to read the Quran correctly as Allah intended it and as the prophet PBUH taught his companions. Learning to read Quran for a beginner might seem difficult depending on your proficiency of the Arabic language; however, this is where we, at Nour Academy, can help you. Whether your level of Arabic is beginner, intermediate, fluent or even non-existent, Nour Academy can properly guide you, with our internally developed syllabus specially made for the sake of online learners.

We offer Arabic, Tajweed and Quran memorization classes. The idea of learning Quran for beginners might be intimidating, but we at Nour Academy cater to all the aspects of learning the Quran for beginners.

Check our online Academy's Quran Memorization class, Arabic Letters in Al-Nourania, and Theoretical Tajweed.

 Learn Quran Surat Al Bakarah

Learn Quran: Surat Al Bakarah

Surat Al-Bakarah is the second and longest chapter or surah in the holy Quran. It has 289 verses, 6,201 words and 25,500 letters. Its name ‘Al-Bakarah’ means The Cow. The recitation of Surat Al Bakarah has many benefits for Muslims, the most important of which is that Surat Al Bakarah protects those who recite it from the devil and the evil eye. It is known to ward off the devil from the house in which it is recited for three days.

 Learn the Quran with Tajweed Rules: The Meem Sakinah

Learn Quran with Tajweed Rules: The Meem Sakinah

In order to learn Quran with tajweed you have to encounter the Meem Sakinah and apply its three different tajweed rules for pronunciation: Idgham with Ghunnah, Oral Ikhfaa also known as Ikhfaa Shafawi إخفاء شفوي and Oral Izhar, also known as Izhar shafawi إظهار شفوي.

 Learn Arabic words and phrases: Arabic Numbers (Six to Ten)

Learn Arabic words and phrases: Arabic Numbers (Six to Ten)

We established in part 1 of this article that learning numbers in any language is essential, but since there are an infinite amount of numbers, we will start off with the basics, with which you can form any number. In this article we will continue to learn Arabic numbers from where we left off in our article, ‘Learn Arabic words and phrases: Arabic Numbers (Zero to Five)’. Now we we’ll learn how to write and pronounce Arabic numbers from 6 to 10.